"I always benefit from the program and activities...the best experience is the companionship."

      "This retreat was a life enhancing experience that I could never have imagined."

       "It's laid back and the support from everyone was just what I needed."



          The program was designed by survivors who have had the opportunity to be in other programs and understand the special needs that have to be addressed.  There is free time, relaxing time, fun time and a chance to associate with other women who have had the same experience and anxiety.


           For breast cancer survivors we have provided a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere.  It is a time for healing spiritually, emotionally and physically in a serene environment. 


            During your stay you will be sharing a comfortable room with another survivor.  You will be pampered, given wonderful meals and learn some things that perhaps you didn't know and have fun along with it.

            This is your special time to heal as you take a walk, participate in physical activities, read, listen to music and associate with others who understand.






Our Program